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Flower  and  Occassions

Flowers are presented as gift in a bevy of occasions like weddings, festivals, funerals and anniversaries. Every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these fragile blooms. While flowers gifted on specific occasions depend mostly on the season in which the occasion falls, ultimately it is the personality of the recipient that should be the deciding factor in the choice of the flower gift.
The flower expert has compiled a list of the most popular flowers used on specific occasions

Guaranteed Fresh Flower Seeds
We only sell 100% pure flower seeds of the highest quality and germination. All the seed we handle at Sakata Flower Seeds are fresh.

Orchids/Cattleya Lists 1

Orchids Cattleyas

  • Cattleya aclandiae
  • Cattleya amethystoglossa
  • Cattleya araguaiensis
  • Cattleya aurantiaca
  • Cattleya aurea
  • Cattleya bicolor
    • Cattleya bicolor subsp. bicolor
    • Cattleya bicolor subsp. canastrensis
    • Cattleya bicolor subsp. minasgeraiensis
  • Cattleya bowringiana
  • Cattleya candida
  • Cattleya dormaniana
  • Cattleya dowiana
  • Cattleya elongata
  • Cattleya forbesii
  • Cattleya gaskelliana
  • Cattleya granulosa
  • Cattleya guttata
    • Cattleya harrisoniana
    • Cattleya intermedia
      • Cattleya intermedia subsp. orlata
    • Cattleya iricolor
    • Cattleya jenmanii
    • Cattleya kerrii
    • Cattleya labiata
    • Cattleya lawrenceana
    • Cattleya loddigesii
      • Cattleya loddigesii subsp loddigesii
      • Cattleya loddigesii subsp. purpurea
    • Cattleya lueddemanniana
    • Cattleya luteola
    • Cattleya maxima
    • Cattleya mendelii
    • Cattleya mooreana
    • Cattleya mossiae
    • Cattleya nobilior
      • Cattleya patinii
      • Cattleya percivaliana
      • Cattleya porphyroglossa
      • Cattleya rex
      • Cattleya schilleriana
      • Cattleya schofieldiana
      • Cattleya schroderae
      • Cattleya skinneri
      • Cattleya tenuis
      • Cattleya tigrina
      • Cattleya trianae
      • Cattleya velutina
      • Cattleya violacea
      • Cattleya walkeriana
      • Cattleya wallisii
      • Cattleya warneri
      • Cattleya warscewiczii