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Flower  and  Occassions

Flowers are presented as gift in a bevy of occasions like weddings, festivals, funerals and anniversaries. Every sentiment is expressed in one form or another by these fragile blooms. While flowers gifted on specific occasions depend mostly on the season in which the occasion falls, ultimately it is the personality of the recipient that should be the deciding factor in the choice of the flower gift.
The flower expert has compiled a list of the most popular flowers used on specific occasions

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Chinese cabbage can refer to two subspecies of cabbage belonging to the family Brassicaceae, Brassica rapa pekinensis (napa cabbage) and Brassica rapa chinensis (bok-choy). Napa cabbage has a barrel shaped, elongated rosette of overlapping leaves which point inwardly and can grow 25–51 cm (10–20 in) tall, with a diameter of 15–20 cm (6–8 in). Napa cabbage may also be called Chinese leaf or wong-bok and originates from the Beijing region of China. The bok choy type cabbage is made up of about 30 individual leaves arranged into a loose, spiral head and are dark green and shiny. The petioles, or stalks, are white or light green and thick and fleshy. Bok choy can reach a height of 15–60 cm (0.5 to 2 ft) and spread outwards by 15–46 cm (0.5–1.5 ft). Bok choy may also be referred to as pak choi, Chinese chard, Chinese mustard, celery mustard or spoon cabbage and also originates from China

Chinese Cabbage Seeds